‣ Superior Craftsmanship ~ Matching wood shelves comes with grooves to securely hold up to 35 graded trading cards. 

‣ Eye-Catching ~Perfect case to display your sports cards, game cards, or any other cards. Black felt background, the perfect contrast for showing off a collection of memorable baseballs. 

‣ Quality ~ Handcrafted in solid, furniture-grade, beech hardwood with an elegant finish.

‣ Secure ~ Locking brass latch to ensure the security of your collection.

‣ Protective ~ 98% UV protection door to safeguard your items from fading.

‣ Ready-to-Use ~ Fully assembled, with wall mounting hardware included. 


*Graded trading cards shown in photos not included.


Hand-made from imported Australian beech wood. This furniture grade Card display case is of beautiful design and construction, very detailed and attractive, but also very affordable.

The perfect way to display the special cards that you have collected. This case can display up to a total of 35 standard graded card cases. A total of 5 shelves with up to 7 coins on each row. Each shelf has a clearance of 6”. The majority of graded cards are around 5.25”. A smooth acid-free felt fabric background creates a stunning background for your cards. Each shelf has a lip to prevent the cards from tilting over.

The display case comes standard with a 98% UV Protection acrylic door, lockable latches with keys, and all hardware to mount the case to the wall. Comes fully assembled. (cards shown are not included). Unit Weight: 12 lbs. Dimensions: 31.5"H X 23.5"W X 2.25"D Space between Shelves: 6" (cards shown not included)


Unit Weight: 14 lbs
Outside Dimensions: 31.5"H X 23.5"W X 2.25"D
Inside Depth: 3/4"
Space Between Shelves: 6"
Framing Material: Beech Hardwood
Door Cover: 98% UV Protection Rated Acrylic 
Door Hardware: Locking Brass Latch
Background Material: Felt 

35 Graded Sport/Collectible Trading Card Display Case Cabinet

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Color: Black

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Customer Reviews

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5 stars

Shawn L. Young

The display case arrived well packaged and in a timely manner. My overall liking of the case is great for 117 bucks you cant go wrong. Its some what sturdy to a point and the see thru door is clean and wide enough to showcase your cards. Cons when you place cards in the display with they will lean forward because the shelves aren't slanted back to make the cards lean back on the wall of the display. Simple fix I went to Lowes grab some velcro squares and places them behind the cards and sticked them in place. Second problem the case should have came with 4 mounting points instead of two, when you open door the case will lift up from the wall because the door is wide and heavy. Simple fix grabbed some 3m command strip placed at the bottom corners issues fixed. Display rock solid on wall. Besides these issues its 4 stars.

Brent Matzelle

TL;DR, I'm very satisfied with the case. So much so, I just ordered a second one. More details below. The entire case just feels like it's high quality. It's pretty heavy, about 14 pounds. If it were made of fake wood then it'd feel lighter. That also makes me feel a bit easier about hanging it up on a wall, because it will stay put. The hanging hardware on the back is heavy duty. I'm a bit nervous about my precious collection falling, so I secured it with some 1/8 inch by 3 inch toggle bolts. They fit perfectly into the case. The locks on the side look like they're of high quality. When you open and close them they just "feel" of high quality as well. I've used enough cheap locks in the past, and I can tell the difference. The doors to the case open and close in a very smooth manner.


4 stars


5 stars