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Fantastic display case

We now have 4 of these for a several-hundred shot glass collection and they are beautiful, sturdy and well crafted. The shelves fit perfectly and adjust very well to accommodate taller shot glasses. One person can mount it to a wall but it helps to have two persons due to the large size of this case and the mounting kit that comes with it does an excellent job securing it. Will definitely order another if we ever need one.

Name Plate Guitar Case

I was very impressed on the quality and looks of name plate I ordered. I received my item very fast! Would highly recommend seller!!


I’m using it to display miniatures cups & saucers!
I love the cabinet, beautiful!!


I own 10 of these! Great quality and worth the price! Trying to find room for another.

O Guage train display

Very happy with these Displays

Just right!

Good choices. Nice to know that it waits for me, not the other way around!

Perfect display for my collection

I bought second display from my little bottles collection, and I am so happy for that quality display and fast shipping, and very important no damage.

40 Baseball Ball Display Case Cabinet

Display cases

Every case I have ordered has been above expectations….great quality and materials...

Great product!

Would buy again!

Great cabinet & Excellent Customer service

Ordered my 2nd cabinet after seeing the quality of my 1st. Great value. When my 2nd was delivered, two of the glass shelves were broken. I requested replacements and they sent them immediately. Will definitely buy again if in need of another cabinet. Thank you so much.

Single Pistol Handgun Display Case Wall Mount Cabinet

4 Shelves Military Challenge Coin Curio Stand Rack

Clear Viewing Guitar Display Case Cabinet (for Electric or Acoustic)

117 Casino Chip / Coin Display Case Cabinet

Great product Quality

Very pleased with the craftsmanship of the display case.

Looks beautiful with the guitar

Case was well packed and protected for shipping. Instructions and hardware were easy to follow and install. Pre-drilling the holes for the guitar hook is the best and easiest way to install it.
The color of the background is a nice shade of red and looks nice with the tone of the cherry wood frame. I have not completely installed the 4 lamp adjustable light bar, but it looks good shining through the top window, not sure how well it would install inside the top of the case.

Thank you, think it looks great!

Bobblehead case

Excellent looks awesome

The case of the great display case

Great display case, now I have two. Perfect for displaying my 1:64 NASCAR race car collection. Easy to hang and to use.

Great case

I recently purchased this case to make a shadow box for my law enforcement memorabilia. Worked great and the flag that I received when I retired fit perfectly. In the rectangular area I cut a piece of 1 inch thick piece of very dense foam purchased at Menards. I got a piece of dark blue fabric that I used to cover the front of the board and had enough to overlap on the back side. I secured the back side fabric with some tacks. Worked perfectly and looks great.

Nice Case

Happy with the purchase. The hanging hardware mounted to the back was installed by the factory on the bottom of the unit. I had to switch it. The shelves have an edge that holds the matches in place, they were facing down if I didn't swap the hardware around. I wonder if it was just mine?

Hi James,

Thanks for your order!

For the 99 Lighter / Matchbook cabinet, the lip is actually designed to face down to keep lighters from tipping forward off the shelf. Since you are displaying matches, you can definitely swap the hardware to face the shelves the other way.

Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!

4x2 Engraving Plate with 4 lines of text

Good case but has some flaws

Don't get me wrong, the cases are great and they look great. I have a few issues with them however.
#1 They are too shallow for a guitar with a tremolo bar. You need to remove the bar otherwise the bar presses into the front plexiglass and tips the guitar back. Not a huge issue but that could be solved by making the case about 1" deeper.
#2 I am leery about the 2 small hangers that attach to the corners with the smallest screws you have ever seen. It kind of freaks me out to hang a guitar that is upwards of $10k in a case that I don't trust the hangers. I remedied that by using the supplied hangers and then augmenting them by putting large screws into each corner through the backing and into drywall anchors. It made me feel safer to hang it on the wall as well as made it difficult for someone to just lift the case off of the wall and run away with it.
#3 The guitar hanger also had me worried as it just hangs on the thin backing. I gave it the same treatment as #2. I drilled holes all the way into the wall and put drywall anchors in the wall and crewed the hanger through the backing and directly in the wall.

Those 3 fixes really make the case hang on the wall strongly and I do not fear it falling down and damaging very expensive guitars or having someone steal it by just lifting the case off of the wall with ease which teh stock setup allows for.

Jersey frame

They are a great value. Looks like a high end frame shop frame