‣ Superior Craftsmanship ~ Perfect for displaying a prized tennis racket along with a tennis ball.

‣ Eye-Catching ~ Red felt (other optional colors are available) background creates a stunning contrast, perfect for showing off your collection. Beautiful front opening door. 

‣ Quality ~ Handcrafted in solid, furniture-grade, beech hardwood with an elegant finish.

‣ Secure ~ Locking brass latch to keep the door from opening. 

‣ Protective ~ 98% UV protection door to safeguard your items from fading.

‣ Ready-to-Use ~ Fully assembled, with wall mounting hardware and included racket hanging hook and ball stand. 


*Tennis racket and tennis ball shown in photos not included. 


Our tennis racket and tennis ball display case is beautifully designed and constructed. Made of solid furniture-grade beech hardwood cabinet, this is the perfect solution to display a tennis racket with a ball. The display case features a locking acrylic door (98% UV resistant with two keys) to keep out dust and felt fabric background. The case includes a racket hook and a ball stand. The cabinet is completed with brass hinges, door latch, and installed wall hanging hardware. (tennis racket and ball shown in photos are not included).

Unit Weight: 20 lbs.

Dimensions: Outside: 45"W X 18"H X 4.00"D Inside: 44"W X 17"H X 3.25"D

Important note: Please make sure your tennis racket is within the inside measurements of this case before purchasing. 

This cabinet has installed lockable latches. 

This cabinet has an installed UV Protection Rated Acrylic Door. 


Unit Weight: 20 lbs.
Dimensions: Outside: 45"W X 18"H X 4.00"D Inside: 44"W X 17"H X 3.25"D
Framing Material: Beech Hardwood
Door Cover: 98% UV Protection Rated Acrylic 
Door Hardware: Locking Brass Latches
Background Material: Felt

Tennis Racket and Ball Display Case Cabinet

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Large selection allowed me to find the perfect sized cases for my displays. Great quality at competitive prices. Peter was always very friendly, responsive, and accommodating with special requests.